HR Outsourcing

  • Create right Org Designs
  • Support Manpower planning
  • Assess the Org Capability

We help indentify training needs

  • Design & deliver training
  • Compensation & Benefit bench Marking
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Employee engagement programs
  • Market Mapping to set HR processes
  • Productivity Improvement Intervention


a) Company not doing well, with reported bad financial health, higher attrition, low employee morale, low productivity, less profitability, are the signs of a badly managed company?

b) Company is a start up and cannot decide how to scale up and stabilise?.

c) Company is stable but lacks profitably?

d) Company is doing well, with high profitability, but employee morale is down and attrition remains a challenge?

e) Company's performance has stagnated and cannot improve productivity?

f) Company wants to expand and does not know how to redeploy teams and work on new growth initiatives?

g) Company exceeding manpower - do not know what to do?

h) Company is under staffed and hence is stagnated?

I) Employees are well paid, but productivity is low?

j) Company is not growing as per vision of the promoters?

k) Customers are not happy inspite of all actions taken?

We partner with clients on the above scenarios to deal with the challenges and find solutions.

What we deliver

Our team of experts are equipped to cater to strenthening your internal HR processes, enabling significant focus on customer satisfaction and create an environment for conducive growth.

Our Mission

"Help you create a robust organization by enabling you to create better value through innovative products and services to your end customers."

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