• Creating Vision & Mission
  • Creating Company Objectives
  • KRA - KPI Cascading
  • Create right org. Designs
  • Manpower planning & budgeting
  • HR Audit, Gap analysis & OD Interventions
  • Performance assessment & Talent Management
  • Create & implement Training calendar
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Reward and recognition program
  • Employee satisfaction survey, engagement programs


  • Company reporting bad financial results due to high attrition, low employee morale and low productivity?

  • Company is a start-up and cannot decide how to scale up and stabilise?.

  • Company is stable but lacks profitably?

  • Company is doing well, with high profitability, but employee morale is down and attrition remains a challenge?

  • Company's performance has stagnated and cannot improve productivity?

  • Company wants to expand and does not know how to redeploy teams and work on new growth initiatives?

  • Company exceeding manpower - do not know what to do?

  • Company is under staffed and hence is stagnated?

  • Employees are well paid, but productivity is low?

  • Company is not growing as per vision of the promoters?

  • Customers are not happy in spite of all actions taken?

  • Company's inability to retain skilled employees

  • Company's inability to enhance skills of the experienced employees

  • Company's inability to delegate workload to middle-level managers

  • Company's inability to attract good talent

  • Company's inability to innovate new products and services

  • Company's inability to get ROI on existing skillset

  • Company's inability to keep the customer satisfied

  • We partner with clients on the above scenarios and find solutions for them.


    • Align organisational goals with individual goals
    • Better accountability & transparency
    • Better ROI on HR Investments
    • Higher productivity across functions
    • Employee-friendly process set-up
    • Better employee engagement
    • Improved employee retention
    • High employee morale
    • Resultant high customer satisfaction & revenue growth for the organisation


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